Fire Shutter for Baggage Conveyors

The Firelock® B120E is the ideal fire shutter for conveyor systems at for instance airports. The shutter is integrated in the baggage handling system and contains a custom-made interface suitable for all signals.



In case of a fire alarm the Firelock® B120E seals off the opening of the conveyor belt and closes the fire compartment.

  1. The Fire Alarm Signal (FAS) sends a direct signal to the Smart Control II control box. When the control box receives the FAS the closing of the fire shutter is delayed with a preset time. During this delay the conveyor underneath the fire shutter can empty.
  2. After the preset time has passed the fire shutter will close automatically.
  3. If a suitcase is underneath the fire shutter during the closing motion this will activate the bumper switch.
  4. The drive belt in front of the fire shutter is activated via the control unit to empty the conveyor once more. If this does not solve the problem and the suitcase remains underneath the fire shutter, the fire shutter will close partially, landing on the suitcase.

The closing motion of the fire shutter is always a gravity motion. This gravity motion is enabled by an electromagnetic clutch inside the motor which is released.

In case of power failure the shutter will not close immediately because the battery pack inside the control box will hold the electromagnetic clutch. After a preset time the electromagnetic clutch is released so the fire shutter will close as a precaution. This makes the system insensitive to short power failures.


Firelock B120E fire shutter for conveyor systems