Firelock® and Firescreen® are brands of Hoefnagels Branddeuren.
Hoefnagels Branddeuren is a manufacturer of fire shutters and fire and smoke curtains. A team of 65 skilled workers design, produce, install and maintain the products.

Purveyor to the royal houshold

Hoefnagels is a family owned company with a history that goes back 130 years. In 2009 we received the designation 'purveyor to the royal household', which reflects the quality, solidity and continuity of the company.


Visiting address
Hoefnagels Branddeuren BV
Zevenheuvelenweg 50
5048 AN Tilburg
The Netherlands

Hoefnagels Branddeuren BV
P.O. Box 5036
5004 EA Tilburg
The Netherlands

Phone:+31 (0) 13 462 59 44